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First Community Bank can help you manage your money more efficiently and effectively. Let us show you how our business cash management services can work for your business.

Remote Deposit Capture

Enjoy the convenience of scanning checks and making deposits electronically to your account without ever leaving your office. Start saving time and money immediately.

  • Deposit checks from the convenience of your office
  • Utilizes a state-of-the-art scanning technology and internet access
  • Simply sign, scan, then send checks to the bank for processing
  • Streamline check handling from multiple offices or locations
  • Checks converted to an electronic image that is then securely transmitted to the bank
  • Same day credit up to 3pm CST; realize funds quicker, accelerating cash flow
  • Reduce time and money spent on document preparation and transportation
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud by eliminating the circulation of paper checks
  • Securely encrypted software

Merchant Card Services

Give your customers easy payment options with electronic card and check processing. First Community Bank can provide your business with the equipment, setup and training and most importantly, local support.

  • Available to FCB business customers
  • Provide additional payment options for your customers
  • Accept major credit and debit cards for increased versatility
  • Boost your bottom line by making it easier for people to pay you
  • Reduce processing time and human error
  • Reduce billing expenses
  • Equipment is easy to use and set up
  • Streamline billing and record-keeping

Sweep Accounts

Put your idle excess funds to work for you to increase your bottom line. Sweep services are completely automated, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

  • Available to FCB business customers
  • Keep your money working for you, automatically
  • Maintain target balances while maximizing interest earnings
  • Receive benefits where you need them the most:
  • Designate a target checking balance
  • Excess funds are automatically swept into and interest bearing investment account
  • Principal is automatically transferred back into your checking account the next day
  • Funds are swept back over to your checking should you fall short of your balance

Business Letter of Credit

A letter of credit can provide your business with extra credential support to enhance your possibilities with a new supplier — especially when it comes to international commerce.

  • Provides guarantee on payments of large purchases to third parties
  • Can replace need for costly insurance company performance bond
  • Can also be used to guarantee a service
  • Typically issued for 1-year term or less
  • Terms easily renewed
  • Fee is based on face value amount
  • Interest accrues only if we must make payment to beneficiary on your behalf